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Introducing the revolutionary brain supplement Neurella™. The only nootropic your brain needs.

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Why Neurella Works

Pure Brain Science

Nutritional Fuel For Your Brain - The acclaimed Neurella Neurology team combined 12 of the most powerful brain supplements formulated into one capsule.

Neurella's formulation is engineered by an experienced team of brain experts including neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, exercise physiologists, neuropsychologists, herbalist and acupuncture-trained medical doctors, and memory experts. This highly specialized team used a scientific process with the goal of unlocking the power of nature to improve the quality of life of those battling brain injuries, Alzheimer's, and the ravages of the aging process.

But by design, Neurella is also formulated to support and optimize everyday-brain functionality, from elite executives to athletes' performance to competitive students burning the midnight oil. Neurella's anti-stress action also helps the middle-aged, 'sandwich generation' dealing with the daily demands of 'trying to do it all' or frustrated by brain fog due to common medical conditions and poor lifestyle choices.

Who may Benefit from Neurella

  • ACTIVE 40+
    Achieve peak performance and optimize your full cognitive potential; say 'no' to the effects of aging. Supplement your diet with plenty of researched, dementia-preventing ingredients
    Stay in top shape, optimize your mental performance, block the effects of stress, boost your energy and know you are protecting your brain for the long road ahead
    When your brain is fine-tuned and super-charged, then your reaction time, endurance and ability to recharge are all optimized
    Improve your mood, energy, sleep, reactivity and fight the stress-inducing reactions that cause brain fog
  • BRAIN INJURED (concussion, Alzheimer's, and TBI)
    If you are at high risk, recovering, or worried about the long-term effects of brain injury you can now protect your brain. Neurella works like an internal helmet protecting your body's most precious asset
    Psyche out the competition knowing that Neurella trains your brain as hard as you train your body
    Keep 12 steps ahead of your peers with a long-term solution that boosts memory, energy, sleep quality and recovery efficiency without leaving you spent
    All 12 ingredients are included as part of a leading Dementia specialist's protocol. Dr. Bredesen's program for prevention and even reversal of damage from aging and following stroke or related vascular problems is published and successful. His researched protocol recommends the carefully-chosen ingredients in Neurella to combat damage associated with poor diet, bad genes, and lifestyle mistakes.

Neurella Ingredients

All Natural and No Caffeine

Neurella combines 12 of the most powerful brain supplements into a balanced fuel that optimizes brain function across the spectrum and by multiple mechanisms.

The Neurella formula includes herbal, botanical, vitamin, extract and other neurobiologically active molecules (such as CoQ10 and NAC). Expert brain scientists determined effective doses based on clinical experience, thousands of years of wisdom and decades of scientific investigation.

Taken daily, Neurella supplements your diet with rich, abundant, powerful anti-oxidants and natural raw material that nourish your brain and support neural networks for the long road ahead. Neurella supports and enhances brain function over the SHORT and LONG term when taken as suggested.

Vitamin B-12 (Methlycobalamin)
Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract
Huperzine-A (Huperzia Serrata Leaf Extract)
Coenzyme Q10
N-Acetyl Cysteine
C3® (Turmeric Root Extract)
Grape Skin Extract
Bacopa Monnieri Whole Plant Extract
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG (Epigallocatechin)

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How Neurella IMPROVES Brain Functions and Protects Your Brain

Neurella is a unique formula that not only optimizes cognition, memory and learning, but also:

  • Fuels and supports key brain chemicals or neuro-transmitters involved in energy production and communication
  • Improves, supports and regulates brain function over the short AND long-term
  • Supplies premium, natural ingredients, building blocks and co-factors of metabolism
  • Protects nerve cells from wear and tear by providing the raw material for repair and healing
  • Shields your brain from the inside out, like an internal helmet
  • Neutralizes the culprits of age-related damage such as oxidative stress, inflammation and free radicals, harnessing ancient herbal substances including: adaptogens, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, vitamins, co-factors, and neuro-transmitter precursors.

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Founder's Story

The formulations of Neurella™ offer the general public affordable access to products combining premium ingredients at effective doses backed by real science and not hidden behind a shroud of proprietary blends. As our company develops, we will offer a growing range of convenient products and a choice of various ingestibles.

Our current formulations are engineered to unlock the power of nature, improve the quality of life and provide efficient solutions to real life problems. The Neurella team of brain experts draws on the wisdom of neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, exercise physiologists, neuropsychologists, herbalist and acupuncture-trained medical doctors and memory experts.

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